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the benefits of a little “me time”

School starts on Tuesday, and I’m starting to stress a little bit, what with taking 17 hours this semester and STILL not sleeping quite right. So, Thursday, I spent the day on “me time.” Seriously. All day. I got my hair colored. It needed it BADLY, but that was one of the things I let slide when things were bad last year. My hair is now my natural color–a dark brown (which it hasn’t been in over 10 years)–with some bright red highlights. Looking in the mirror is a bit of a shock, since it hasn’t been dark in so long, but I love it! Mentally, I’m calling it Black Cherry. And everyone at work loved it. All my patients complimented it, which is, of course, good for my mood. Yay for compliments, the natural anti-depressant!

Then I took my mom and Baby Brother to get pedicures. Don’t laugh, I had to bribe Baby Brother with the promise of sushi afterwards. We got the top-of-the-line pedis, complete with wine, and I also got a manicure, because it’s been like a month since my last one and my nails were NOT looking good. Can I just say that the hot stone massage part of the manicure is still my favorite part? I felt totally pampered when that was over.

Then I took them to the Japanese steakhouse for hibachi and sushi. This is always a fun time, and the food is fantastic, so we had a great time. Way too much food, excellent sushi, and the entertainment of the hibachi chef. The only thing I don’t like is having to share a table with strangers. The three of us tend to be fairly sarcastic and have a warped sense of humor, so Baby Brother and I had to to tone down our comments quite a bit for the benefit of our fellow diners. But still, good times.

The day was really enjoyable, and I’ve been pretty relaxed since then, so I’ve been sleeping a little bit better. Not all the way through the night, but better. So, if you’re having trouble sleeping, or your depression is making you withdrawn, I recommend a little me-time. Pampering is good for the soul.


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