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personal growth means not wanting to strangle someone

You know what the best part about not being depressed anymore is? (Okay, not the BEST part, but certainly a perk.) Not wanting to strangle my fellow students every single time one of them does something stupid. I don’t like stupid people. Heck, I don’t like people in general. (Yes, I know it’s a problem. I’m working on it, okay?) And one of the downfalls of going back to school in my mid-30s (Besides, oh, I don’t know, having to work full-time AND pay all the bills myself.) is having to be around so many people that are half my age. Kids these days are stupid. Seriously. They say the stupidest things. They wear the stupidest clothes. A lot of them walk around with a perpetually befuddled look on their faces.

Last semester, deep in the throes of my depression, I despised all of them. (Yes, ALL.) Most days, it was a challenge to make it through without screaming in frustration or cussing someone out. I’m pretty sure I developed an eye twitch. Or maybe a muscle spasm. There were a couple of days I thought I was having an aneurysm. If they could have all just stopped talking/moving/breathing for ten minutes, I’m pretty sure I’d have been fine. But they didn’t. So I wasn’t. I needed one of these:


Today, I didn’t have the urge to strangle anyone. Granted, I almost fell asleep in O. Chem lecture (But really, WHO finds that class interesting?), and I did experience a bout of mild irritation with one overly chatty girl sitting in the hallway before class. Obviously, I forgot my don’t-talk-to-me face at home this morning, because she would not shut up. I tried to be nice, but after the “Oh, I just can’t go to school and work. It’s too hard,” statement….well, I almost lost it. (Please, chick. Talk to me when you work 12-15 hours 3 days a week AND take 17 hours of classes…). Seriously. The Saint suggested I wear my leave-me-the-h*ll-alone tee-shirt next week, to keep unwary children from raising my ire.

Ahem…anyone know where I can get one of those shirts?


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