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I’m the fashion police, didn’t you know?

You know, sometimes, I really shouldn’t be allowed out in public. Seriously. My game face, well, it’s just not always that good.

So, last night, Baby Brother and I went out with my Other Brother (Baby Brother’s best friend, whom I haven’t seen in probably a year), Other Brother’s girlfriend, and two friends of theirs. We went out to a tiny little oyster bar we love to go to first. Raw oysters on a Saturday night, good friends…and about a twenty people too many in a tiny restaurant….have I mentioned that I’m claustrophobic? And that I don’t like people? Well, I am. And I don’t. But it was all good.

Then we left there and went to Billy Bob’s Texas, the “largest honky-tonk in the world.” Now, the whole point of this was to listen to Wade Bowen and play pool. I don’t actually play pool, and I have no desire to learn…but I am an avid people-watcher, and let me tell you, Billy Bob’s is a prime place to indulge in that.

My main question is this: what do people THINK when they get dressed to go out? Seriously. Don’t they have, oh, I don’t know, a sense of what colors match? Don’t they have a friend who will say “Hey, you know, you really shouldn’t wear that…”? Apparently not. Also, did they get dressed using a funhouse mirror? Because if so, I gotta get me one.

I’m all for this attitude:

Confidence is all that matters...
Confidence is all that matters…

Until this:

...unless you look like this...
…unless you look like this…

Becomes this:

...and think you look like THIS!
…and think you look like THIS!

I mean, seriously. A size 6 pair of jeans is not meant to contain a size 20 body. It’s not pretty. If the goal is to draw attention, well, you succeeded. I just don’t think it’s the kind of attention you wanted. And just because you’re in a honky-tonk does NOT mean you have to wear boots. (Side note: we’re in Texas. If you have on boots AND spurs in a bar, you better look like you just came from the ranch. Not the mall. I’m just saying.) I just think people should dress realistically for their body-type. Don’t try to be someone you’re not. Period.

As a direct result of my people-watching, cigarette-smoke-filled adventure last night, it’s officially time for me to get my butt up and moving and actually do something about the weight I’ve put on due to sheer laziness and emotional eating. Yes, my cup runneth over (*snort*…I meant my to-do list, but there are some other cups running over, too…sorry, I’m a sucker for bad puns….), but that’s no excuse to not get up and at least walk four days a week. As far as eating crap goes, that needs to go, too. I was happily pescetarian for years, and I need to get back into it. No excuses. Even if I have to post a weekly update here with what I did or didn’t do this week for my health.

You’ve been warned…


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