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brain surgery, anyone?

The Diva had brain surgery on Wednesday. Yes, I know, it sounds like a bad joke, but it’s true. She has Chairi, or, as she likes to say “My brain is too big for my skull.” She’s been having really bad headaches for about a year and a half now, along with dizziness and fatigue. They tried to treat it with medication, but that didn’t work, so they had to do surgery to remove a piece of skull and relieve the pressure.

Naturally, I was a basket case, but everything went very well, and she’s doing fantastic. She got to come home from the hospital yesterday. To illustrate just what a treat as a patient she undoubtedly was, when I got to the hospital yesterday morning, she was asking everyone who came in the room their name and date of birth. As a safety precaution, anytime a patient is moved, the patient is asked their name and DOB to prevent mix-ups. So, since everyone was asking for her personal information, she decided it was only fair that she get to ask them as well. And she did.

I’m very glad my sister-wife is home from the hospital, and though I miss her at work, I hope she actually listens to the doctor and TAKES THE TIME TO REST AND RECUPERATE! (Diva, I know you’re reading this right now. Listen to your sister-wife!).


I hung out with The Saint today. We went to church, then headed to a movie. She sacrificed and watched Warm Bodies with me. Super Mom has seen it four times now and thinks it’s “the greatest movie ever!”. I…thought it was pretty funny and enjoyable, but I wouldn’t go quite that far. I do like a good zombie movie, though.

The Saint and I also had an interesting comment about Secret Agent Man. No, I haven’t mentioned him before, and the story is a little complicated to get into now, so I’ll save that for next time. Let’s just say it’s about….not really unrequited love. More like unattainable love. Secret Agent Man…well, I think he’s Mr. Almost-Right. The Saint thinks he’s Mr. Right, and also, possibly, a spy. But that’s another story…


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