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how do you get past the memories?

You know, getting past the depression is one thing. The meds are helping with that. Prayer is helping with that. Living more mindfully is helping with that. But how do you get past the memories? Lately they’ve been grabbing me by the ankles and yanking me down into brief moments of sadness. It’s almost like I trip over them and fall headlong. I’m tired of falling.

I don’t want the memories to sneak up on me and catch me unaware. I’d rather just live my life without memories of my past sins and sadness coming back to haunt me. That part of my life is over now. Why can’t it leave me alone? I’m trying to move on. I’m trying to forgive. But the memories just make it so hard…

it might have been


2 thoughts on “how do you get past the memories?

  1. I think your questions regarding memories is one that many ask….. be it abuse, a sudden death, or some other tragedy that has wounded and caused lingering thoughts. I think memories….good or bad will always be somewhere in our mind. However, I also think we need to look at them with a victorious perspective instead of focusing on the crime or grief. To say, “Yes, I am a victim of abuse” is one thing but to say, “I am a survivor of abuse” lends strength to the one who is struggling. Memories will fade but healing takes time. You seem to be doing all the right things. I pray a supernatural healing comes your way by the power of God.

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