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suddenly…I’m an aunt

Okay, so it’s not normally a surprise to become an aunt.  But in this case, yeah, it kind of was.  Bubba only told me two weeks ago that he was going to give his girlfriend’s baby–not HIS baby–his last name.  I’m not judging.  I am a little concerned that he’s only been dating her since last summer, and now he’s tied his life to hers irrevocably.  He went through a horrible divorce the year before last, so I hope this works out for him, I’m just…cynical.  Regardless, the baby is here now, and I’m an aunt, although I have no idea when I’ll get to see him in person (or his mother, for that matter, whom I’ve never met).  This is Noah:

Noah, my itty bitty nephew.
Noah, my itty bitty nephew.


Cute, isn’t he?  However, if one more person calls me Auntie, I might have to hurt them.  Just saying.  It’s a big adjustment for me.  (The only one showing any sympathy at all is Secret Agent Man…who offered to school Noah in Tennessee whiskey….priorities, sir.  Let him graduate to solid food, first.  Meanwhile, I’ll take that little lesson…)

While I’m on the subject of my dysfunctional family (I can only call us that because I know my mom isn’t reading this.  She hates it when we say that.), Baby Brother is finally over that Ungrateful Heifer, and has met someone new.  Someone I like quite a bit.  I don’t know her quite well enough yet for her to have an alias here, so I’ll skip that for now, but…she’s cool.  She’s nice.  She’s laid back.  She’s everything Baby Brother needs.  Take that, Ungrateful Heifer!  May karma bite you in the a$$ ASAP!

Ahem…that might have been a bit out of line.  But I haven’t had The Diva around to keep me in lineat work.  As she would say….”Straight to hell, with gasoline drawers on!”  I’ve been trying to be good at work.  It’s just so frustrating when you’re working short-staffed, and one of the staff you have is lazy and ungrateful.  I obviously need to pray for her…and NOT in this sense:

(Jaron And The Long Road To Love – Pray For You)

I’m sorry.  That video makes me laugh.  It probably shouldn‘t, but it does.  I’m sure everyone has people in their lives that they feel like that about.  The trick is to forgive them…sigh.  Not an easy task.  Thankfully, The Diva is doing fantastic after her surgery, and should be back in….5 1/2 weeks.  Not that I’m counting.  With all the other upheavals at work, I need her back.  The big boss quit without notice.  My boss turned in her notice.  We have no idea who will replace her, and the big boss’s replacement is someone we don’t know.  Yay.  Like I needed some more stress.

Only two more weeks ’til Spring Break….


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