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week in review: did I really accomplish anything?

Week-In-Review-Button-FinalI’m actually not sure what, if anything I managed to accomplish this week, but I’ll give it a shot:

  • worked 3 days/36 hours on my feet.  Ugh.
  • got in all my planned workouts for the week (four).
  • managed to take a nap just before these killer storms hit maybe 30 miles from me.  Note to self:  when the sky is dark green and the wind is fierce, you might want to turn on the TV.  I’m just sayin’….
  • tornado
  • tornado 2
  • drove to the airport to pick up my dad, then drove home.  In Dallas.  In rush hour.  It was awful.
  • along with my dad and Baby Brother, managed to surprise my grandmother, who had no idea my dad was in the state.  Then proceeded to pig out at her favorite restaurant:  Underwood’s.
  • went to church with both my parents for the first time in years.  It was awesome.
  • rescued a friend whose family kicked her out.  You DON’T abandon family.  No matter what.  Especially if you know they have no place to go….
  • passed all my classes for the semester:  3 A’s, 1 B, 1 D (it’s “passing” but I have to re-take it and make a C or better to take the required 2nd semester.  Sigh….)

4 thoughts on “week in review: did I really accomplish anything?

  1. Wow, that was quite a week, Kate! Those storms looks scary. Interesting, we’re dealing with a family member being kicked out, too. Trying to find her a place to stay. Family drama drives me crazy, but we do what we can to help. Have a great week!

    1. Thanks! Yep, they were pretty scary, and I wasn’t really that close. The damage was pretty bad, but everyone I know in the strike zone is accounted for, although some do have damage. My friend is staying with me for now–although she has pretty bad asthma and I have two cats. Hopefully it will work out. Kudos for helping out your family member. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. 36 hours on your feet at work and four scheduled workouts. That alone is a ton of stuff; they seem like such minutia but they take up a ton of time. Those tornadoes pictures are crazy. That must have been pretty scary, and it was so good of you to take in your friend. I agree you don’t abandon family, no matter what. Thanks for linking up.

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