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people suck

Two things makes me say this:

1)  As I mentioned last week, one of my friend got kicked out by her brother and had nowhere to go.  I went and picked her up, so she’s staying with me.  Tuesday morning, she had a bad asthma attack and I had to call 911.  She ended up in ICU, but now she’s in a regular room, and will hopefully be out of the hospital tomorrow or Saturday.  Her brother knows she’s in the hospital.  Not only did he kick her out, knowing she had nowhere to go, no money, no job, and no way to get anywhere, but he hasn’t bothered to contact her since.  At all.  I know there are two sides to every argument, but frankly, I don’t care what they argued about:  you don’t abandon family.  Period.

How can you abandon anyone like this, let alone family?



2)  A couple of weeks ago, the Saint told me that Superman is in a new relationship.  What?  The guy who broke up with me, even though he still loved me, because he was depressed and couldn’t be in a relationship….is already in a new relationship?  My initial first response was searing pain.  Followed by the blinding need to cry.  Followed by….rage.  Absolute, pure and simple rage.  And when the Saint told him she didn’t know how she was going to tell me, he said “Why?”  She had to try to explain to him just how much he hurt me…and he’s still clueless.  I’ve been trying to forgive him for all the other pain and hurt his betrayal caused me, but this just adds insult to injury (and kinda makes me want to stab him in the neck.  I’m just sayin’…”

When I told people about this, their responses ranged from the dumbfounded….

The Diva:  Wow.  WTF?

…to the accurate….

Baby Brother:  He’s an idiot.

…to the matter-of-fact and helpful….

The Saint: He’s not happy. ….You’ll get through this.  Cry.  Write out your feelings.  Keep praying.  God will get you through this.

How can someone who promised me so many things, who made me believe we had a future together, who made me trust him, who said he loved me….how could he knowingly cause me this much pain?

don't pushSome people just suck.



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