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what I did in exercise this week



Monday, 5/20/13:  Worked 15 hours at the day job for 8.99 miles.

Tuesday, 5/21/13:  I had planned on going for a walk that morning, but a 911 call and day spent at the hospital with a friend nixed that.

Wednesday, 5/22/13:  a “short” 10-hour work day and 6.42 miles.

Thursday, 5/23/13:  LiveFit Day One, chest and triceps.  Although I’m not going to a gym, so I had to modify the exercises a bit.  Two hours later, and my arms are already sore!  I planned on going for a walk this morning, too, but made the mistake of not eating before doing LiveFit.  The resulting case of the shakes/nausea cancelled that plan.

Friday, 5/24/13: Worked 15 hours at the day job for 8.68 miles.

Saturday, 5/25/13:  My birthday.  🙂  Walked 2.1 miles in 32:19.  Did some jogging intervals (4) also, and LiveFit Day Two (again, with modifications).

Sunday, 5/26/13:  Walked 2.03 miles in 33:13 miles.  More jogging intervals (the same four), and LiveFit Day Three (with modifications).

reborn lie

I’m pretty happy with my workouts this week.  I might have missed two cardio sessions, but they were for pretty good reasons, and I did hit three strength sessions.  I was so sore after the first LiveFit day!  My arms were killing me.  But it’s better now.  Next week’s goal:  hit ALL my workouts!



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