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week in review

Week-In-Review-Button-FinalThis week was crazy.  CRAY-zy.  There’s no other word for it.  So, let me break it down in list form:

  • worked 3 days/40 hours at the day job
  • on Monday, my favorite patient almost coded, resulting in a 911 call, some hot paramedics (plus!), and me being a nervous wreck for the rest of the day, until my patient called me and assured me she was fine–even if she had no idea what had happened to her
  • Tuesday:  Boo, who’s been staying with me due to family drama, had a really bad asthma attack, resulting in another 911 call, more hot paramedics, and a day spent in the E.R, and then ICU.  The attack was bad enough the doctor wanted to intubate her, but they didn’t.
  • wrote several blog posts, including this one on my writing blog, and this one on my environmental blog.
  • made this recipe, which was freaking awesome!  (Except, instead of the honey roasted peanuts, I only had cashews.  And I added shredded coconut, because, why not?).  New test of willpower:  trying not to eat it directly out of the jar.
  • celebrated my birthday in a totally low-key way:  with my parents (We were all in the same state for my birthday for the first time in years.  Actually, the whole family was there except Bubba.)
  • completed HTTS lesson one for The Fall
  • tried really hard to get some rest, but was only partially successful
  • two cardio sessions and 3 LiveFit workouts
  • got caught up on NCIS ( I have NO time for TV during school.)

Okay, that looks pretty boring, now that it’s all there in print….I’ll try to be livelier for next week.

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6 thoughts on “week in review

  1. Happy Birthday! I’m glad you got to spend it with family for the first time in years. I don’t live in the same states as the rest of my family so I understand what that’s like.
    By the way, two near medical emergencies would make anyone’s week cray-cray, and yet you still managed to work out and get a little relax time with the TV. I’m impressed, and I totally want to make that nut butter.

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