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No Sugar, No Grains

So, I’ve been doing some research/reading/thinking, lately.  I stumbled across this post, and it really intrigued me.  For my health–and my peace of mind–I need to lose some weight.  I’m not one one of those people who can just not eat.  Nope.  For one thing, that isn’t good of you, either.  For another, well, I like food.  So sue me.  God made it enjoyable for a reason.  I want to eat healthier–without all the food guilt that comes from eating junk.  This plan sounds pretty good to me.  The idea of eating healthy, losing weight, without starving to death, sounds great.

Anybody know anything about this plan?  No Sugar, No Grains?  Anybody tried it?


2 thoughts on “No Sugar, No Grains

  1. definitely check out the Vinnie Tortorich facebook page and read Why we get fat and what to do about it. I’m just finishing it now and it’s life changing!!!

    thanks for stopping by my website!

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