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laziness, or as I like to call it, “recovery”


So, yeah.  It’s been months since I posted here.  I’d like to say it’s because I’ve been super-busy and I haven’t had time, and that’s partially true.  Work has been rough.  Working three 12-16 hour days a week is tough at any time, but P.S. (post-stroke)?  It’s beyond difficult.  Some days, all I really feel like doing is staying in my pajamas and taking a nap.  Sorta like today…

Then there’s school.  As it turns out, switching to a private Christian school and taking all online classes hasn’t been as easy an adjustment as I’d like.  I’ve enjoyed the classes so far (I’ve finished two, and after Spring Break this week, I’ll be switching to my second set of 8-week classes for the spring).  But the work load has been an adjustment.  It feels like my weeks look like this:

Monday/Wednesday/Friday:  work ALL day, come home and fall into bed

Tuesday/Thursday:  homework all day

Saturday & Sunday:  cleaning, errands, church, more homework, hopefully a nap, if I’m lucky…

…and that’s pretty much it.  I’m tired of being exhausted.  I’m tired of having no free time to write (because that’s totally why I haven’t blogged).  I’m just tired.  So I’ve spent a little time this week planning out a weekly schedule that will allow me time to rest as well as time to write.  And get my homework done.  And maybe catch up on The Walking Dead.…not to mention time to work out, so I can start building my strength back up finally. Yeah.  Time to get my myself together again and get back to living.


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