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To be honest, most of my thoughts are random.  Some are just more so than others.  Anywho….


So, the Diva and I started this “diet”.  (I don’t really want to call it a diet.  That wasn’t MY phrasing.  It was all hers. I just wanted to get healthier/eat healthier.  But she sent me a message randomly last Thursday saying “Hey, we should totally do this,” and since it mostly coincided with my own goals, I agreed.)  Anyway.  We started yesterday.  And immediately fell, no, jumped, off the wagon when one of our patients brought us breakfast. (So sue me.  It was 5 a.m. and I’d been up for almost 3 hours.  I dare you to prove to me the existence of willpower at that hour.)  Since we obviously couldn’t hurt his feelings, we partook, and then tried to haul ourselves back onto the wagon.

Which, for me, lasted until lunch, when I reminded my boss about my upcoming vacation (in two weeks), which he approved back in January, and he claimed he thought it was for ONE DAY, not ONE WEEK, even though I had to do a separate request for each day, and, unless I could find someone to cover for me, I couldn’t go.  Now, considering my dad bought my airline ticket the first of January, and it’s not MY fault the boss is occasionally scatter-brained, nor is it MY job to find someone to work for me, fury was my first reaction.  Which I managed to not give vent to verbally.  He told the Diva to work on it, and she managed to find someone to cover all four days BEFORE I had a meltdown.  But, seriously?  What the crap?  YOU APPROVED IT.  I can’t help it that you “thought it was for only one day.”  I’m not trying to screw the company–or my patients and co-workers–over, but I haven’t been to NOLA in over two years, and I need a break.  YOUR screw-up is YOUR fault.  Not mine.  I have to live with MY screw-ups.  YOU have to live with yours.  (Okay.  I feel marginally better after that rant.)  The result was, I had chocolate with lunch (two small pieces), so I didn’t do that badly, but still.

Today, I started off the morning with my usual cup of hot tea, with the addition of a bit of coconut oil.  Have you tried this?  I know how it sounds, but YUM!  Then, I went and walked for 1.25 miles.  (I know that’s not much, but considering at work I walk 6-8 miles every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I was good with it as a starting point.)  Then I did this CrossFit-type workout.  I did 1.5 rounds.  Although, to be fair, I sort of…pooped out before the second round of Burpees, and I stopped after 5.5 minutes.  (Also, my “Burpees” were more “spastic flounderings of an illegally-medicated inchworm,”  but that’s too hard to type multiple times.)  I told the Diva that if I can’t move tomorrow, she has to give me a piggyback ride at work…My plan is some light stretching next.

I also had some blood-orange-flavored Chobani for breakfast.  I was supposed to have boiled eggs and turkey bacon, buuuutttt…1) I don’t have any turkey bacon.  Only regular.  And 2) With all the gasping for breath and muscle twinges that resulted from my admittedly-lackluster workout, I lost my appetite.  So.  Yeah.  That’s where I stand.  Hopefully, the rest of the day will go well.  And since the only person I’m likely to talk to today is me, I’d say the odds are in my favor.

Here’s a last bit of randomness, if you need a giggle, from Catching Creation.  Kids would probably appreciate it, and it just might get stuck in your head (Diva, I’m looking at you.).


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