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I run….sort of

So, how’s everything been going for you? It’s been a little bit… hot around here. Where “hot” equals “approximately the temperature of the Gobi desert” plus a humidity level that makes stepping outside feel like walking into a sauna, except without the refreshing scent of cedar. Ah, the joys of summertime in North Central Texas.


(And this was at 6 p.m.!)

As you can imagine, the heat makes training a bit challenging. Which is why Super Mom and I meet at the local track at 5 a.m…apparently, my body no longer knows how to “sleep in,” whatever that is. So, we get up and hit the track. We’re using the miCoach app to train. This is an awesome app!

Right now, we’re following the 5k training plan 3 days a week (for the 5k we’re signed up for in October). After that, we’ll switch to the half-marathon plan (dum dum DUM!). Super Mom has actually run the whole distance—3.1 miles—but so far, the most I’ve managed is half a mile. Okay, in my defense, running any distance 8 hours after I’ve finished a work day that consists of 14 hours and 7-8 miles is pretty freaking impressive! But still, I’m not happy with my endurance right now, and I’m planning on pushing myself a lot in the next month. BTW, I’m something of a nerd when it comes to tracking stuff, so I’ve been keeping a daily mileage log with the help of my faithful FitBit, and I’m at 146.81 miles for the month, and 831.32 miles for the year! (Granted, most of that is work-related walking, but still!)

Anyway, right now, the miCoach workouts consist of short (around 20-minute) workouts. Mostly walking, but with running intervals included. The app even has voice-coaching that tells you when to change zones and when to switch back. And it “scores” your run, too, so you can see how you’re doing. (So far, my only problem has been losing GPS on my phone, therefore rendering tracking impossible. Apparently, I live beyond the reach of a certain cell phone company’s towers.  :(…) I’m also using the app for strength training, and it gives demos of the moves, and takes you through all the sets, step-by-step. It’s like having a very small, not-sweaty personal trainer available whenever you need it (and it’s free, which is SO MUCH cheaper than a trainer, too!). I went to the miCoah website and picked my training plans, set up my workout days, then Super Mom and I did the assessment workout, which set our speed “ranges”. It’s super simple, and it’s totally keeping me motivated. (I sound like an infomercial right now, don’t I? I just love finding cool stuff and telling people about it.)

Hoping to go from this:



To this: (even if only in my mind)

Bad Ass


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