summer eye candy…I mean television

So, normally the summer is a slow season for TV-watching. I mean, I don’t watch TV on a regular basis anyway, but I record a few shows to watch in my downtime (whatever that is). NCIS. NCIS LA. Elementary. (Yes, I see the theme here. What’s your point?) Big Bang Theory. (Because honestly, Sheldon and Leonard are hysterical. Also, I’m something of a nerd, so I can relate.)

The Walking Dead.


(Daryl…need I say more?)

Once Upon a Time….I love fantasy, and fairy tales are great, but let’s be honest: this is the real reason I keep watching:



Wow. Just wow.hook



(This is so me.)

However, the networks have really stepped it up with their summer offerings. Under the Dome (Yeah, only loosely based on the novel, but I loved seeing Stephen King casually in the café a couple of weeks ago.) Rizzoli and Isles. (The books are good. The TV series is better—and different.)

I’ve also discovered The Last Ship. Okay, it has McSteamy in it. Which is a plus. But the premise is interesting, and so far, it’s kept my interest. (Also, I read a book with this title years ago. No idea if the two are connected.)


Then there’s The Strain. Why am I watching this? I don’t do scary. I made it through maybe 20 minutes of the first episode and had to turn it off. The next day—in daylight—I conned Baby Brother into watching it with me. He does do scary, so he laughed at me, but he’s watched both episodes willingly enough. I’m enjoying it, but when characters do stupid things or miss the glaringly obvious, it bothers me. Like a lot. (Sure, I’ll wander off by myself. In the dark. In search of the mysterious wooden coffin covered in terrifying carvings. Following a voice I hear in my head…Great idea.)

Lastly, Extant. Okay, Halle Berry is awesome, and this totally caught my eye when I saw the preview, but I haven’t had time. It’s recorded, though, and I watched maybe 15 minutes of the first episode this morning, and I can’t wait to watch the rest. (One scene was a tiny bit creepy. More accurately, I was a lot creeped out.)

So, anyone else watching anything good this summer?


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