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being sick isn’t any better than dealing with lazy people

You know what’s fun? Not going to work on a Wednesday when you’ve worked pretty much every single Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for the past two years (Yeah, except for the three months I was out last summer, recovering.) You know what’s not fun? Being off on a Wednesday because you’re sick (even if you have an awesome boss who worked for you because he doesn’t want you go get burned out/more sick).


This past weekend, I thought my allergies were causing a slight runny nose. Except it didn’t go away, even after I took Benadryl (and dealt with the ensuing brain-fog). Work Monday was the usual some-of-my-coworkers-are-lazy-and-annoy-the-crap-out-of-me drama (Seriously? You have been released from training. Like, six weeks ago, so don’t use that Well, someone who’s new can’t do it that quickly whining when I already know you’re just lazy and think being an LVN makes you better than me. Don’t even get me started on telling people I’m a Princess, or my brain might actually explode. You are at work. You are here to work. So, shut up and work!….ahem. I may be a tiny bit stressed from working with these lazy people.).


Anyway. Tuesday morning I came in—for just a few hours before my doctor’s appointment—and was feeling way worse. Major head congestion. Minor dizziness. General blah feeling. My boss was super concerned, so he told me to stay home Wednesday and he’d work for me (despite being beyond stressed himself).  So I stayed home. With my phone on silent.

Good thing, too, since I woke up to a voicemail from my co-worker from 4:40 a.m. With a question about an issue that should have been discovered at 4:15, not 20 minutes before we bring the patients in. And a question that someone with ZERO experience in the field could have puzzled out the answer to in less than five minutes (I know, I asked someone)…it is extremely difficult for me to just accept that sort of…reaction (ignorance/blatant disregard for common sense because the person does not want to ask for help) without getting at least mildly annoyed.

I am not afraid to ask for help or admit when I don’t know the answer or can’t figure something out. I will ask in a second, if I really need help. If I look stupid, oh well. At least I’ll have the answer (and I’m unlikely to have to ask again.). So why is it so hard for people to A) stop being lazy and work and B) admit when they don’t know something, instead of making the whole situation worse? Seriously, why?                    

I need to know…also, if you have any suggestions on how to not get frustrated with said people, I would appreciate that answer even more.




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