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working with snakes in the grass

You know how, when your coworkers are liars and gossips, eventually they start telling lies–lies that could get a person fired–about you? No? Lucky you. I happen to have two coworkers like that. These two, I’ll call them Little Gossip and Big Mouth, have been creating trouble for months, talking to everyone about what goes on at our clinic, but complaining that “other people talk too much.”  Strangely enough, they are the only two people who actually go to other clinics. Hmmm..

So, Friday, Little Gossip was, as I thought, SICK. I saw her once and thought “She looks like she feels bad. Poor thing.” That was the last time I thought of her until I was in the breakroom and Big Mouth said “Little Gossip called from the doctor’s office. She’ll be back soon.” I wondered why I, not being a supervisor or directly involved with her needed to know that, but said “That’s good. I hope she’s not contagious. I’ve been sick all week, and I don’t need to fight anything else.” Big Mouth said, while laughing, “Oh, she’s not contagious unless you’re sleeping with her.” Um… what? I don’t need to know this. Nor do I CARE. In my mind, that was the end of the issue.

Except I found out I’m being accused of saying Little Gossip has an STD. And the only possible person who could make that claim is Big Mouth, her friend who actually said it. It is a serious, possibly a firing, offense. Now, there was a third person in the room, so it’s not just my word against hers, but I have to ensure that management allows me to defend myself against this defamation of character. This upsets me quite a lot. I cannot stand lying, no matter how painful the truth, and with my job in jeopardy, that makes the matter even worse.

I’m in need of advice, positive thoughts, and most importantly, prayers.



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