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the chaos has begun

…and by “chaos”, I mean “the messed-up and crazy-busy state of my life during the school semester.”  I had to take last weekend off from working out because I was on the verge of my beginning-of-semester freak-out, where I’m convinced I won’t ever be able to keep all the balls in the air and keep up with everything, and I’ll fail horribly.  At everything.

So, I tried to rest, get a jump on homework, and come up with some coherent plan for dealing with the chaos.  I decided to list my priorities, in order of importance, so I’d always be sure of what I needed to work on.  Here’s what they are:

1) God

2) School

3) Writing

4) Training (Because “training” motivates me more than “working out” does.)

5) Work

Then I have nine weekly goals associated with these priorities, and four monthly goals.  This gave me a pretty good organizational tool for scheduling my week.  (Yes, I am a bit of a geek, why do you ask?)

Except this week is crazy-busy.  There’s a mix-up with one of my textbooks (There is a new edition out that the prof was not aware of, so the page numbers/assignments in the syllabus are wrong. Which means I had to re-do an assignment I had already finished….le sigh.).  I worked M/T/W this week, as I had requested off yesterday and today for Kairos.  Yesterday was just…wow.  I don’t even have the words to describe it.  And I’m really looking forward to today.

I’m just a tiny bit tired.  I stayed with The Saint last night, to cut down on my driving (and spending money on gas), so that was good.  We’ll finish up at 5 p.m, then it’s back home, stopping by the store on the way home, unpacking my overnight bag, to hopefully get some sleep before Super Mom and I work out train like the duo of awesomeness we are tomorrow morning.  After that  is the usual weekend craziness of cleaning, laundry, homework, and other assorted errands.  Then The Diva is going with me back to Southlake for this.  I can’t wait!

I probably should have put “rest” on my priority list somewhere.


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