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and then there were none

I don’t really have anything specific to talk about today.  But maybe a little bit of venting is in order…

Don’t you hate it when things are looking up, or at least seem to be improving, and then the bottom falls out of everything?  Me, too.  Things at my job have been so crazy–attitudes from co-workers, back-stabbing, general craziness–that it’s almost overwhelming.  But I’ve known that my boss had my back the whole time because he knows my work ethic and capabilities.  That gave me hope and motivation.

Yesterday he told me he turned in his notice.

After successfully resisting the impulse to cry and/or bang my head on the table, I wished him luck.  He’s stressed and overwhelmed, and has a lot going on in his personal life.  I get it.  But I still feel like he’s abandoning me.  To the wolves, no less.  The Diva isn’t working with me on a regular basis.  The troublemakers are either on their way out or thinking about leaving.  The good staff wants to leave.  That pretty much just leaves me, with no idea who my boss will be.  The part that really irritates me is that the big boss blamed the staffing issues on my boss.  Um, excuse me?  How is it his fault that he expects people to do their job properly, and most of the people (whom he had no hand in hiring) don’t want to?  I fail to understand blaming him.  But that’s just me…

I do wish that a job change was a possibility.


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