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calgon, take me away

I need a vacation.

Not like an actual vacation, though a white beach, blue water, and a hammock with some shade would be nice (bonus points for a refreshing beverage). No, what I really need is time away from the stress and worries of my everyday life, away from all the chaos at work, away from worry about school. Just some quality time with a good book and a nap.

Sadly, I don’t know how to make that happen.

I’d like to make it happen, but I have responsibilities. Homework. And bills to pay (can’t forget those). So I guess what I actually need are mental, mini vacation ideas. I don’t really do social media much—because people annoy me on a regular basis—and mindless reality-TV watching is out for the same reason (Argh!). So, do any of y’all have any suggestions that don’t include those two things, stuff I can work into a super-busy life that will make things a little happier and a little less stressful?

Please. I’m begging you.


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