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sending out an S.O.S.

Well.  Not really.  But I’ll possibly need to tomorrow…

I haven’t blogged in a couple of weeks.  Too tired, too overwhelmed by life.  I’m still both of those things.  Even on my days off, I wake up super early, either to run (Ha!) or just because my internal alarm clock wakes me up before dawn.  Well before dawn.  School is overwhelming.  And work…

Tomorrow is my boss’s last day. I’m not happy about that (Where “not happy”= “very upset”.).  At all.  I’ve met the new boss.  She seems nice.  Her boss…well, I’m trying hard to reserve judgment, but when you tell me “I’m a micro-manager,” and you laugh about it…my alarm bells go off.  Every. Single. One. Of. Them.   Add to that her casual tale of having her staff at her clinic work to re-arrange the schedule so that, on paper, it looks like they’re maintaining efficiency, yet they are really getting more hours (Nice gesture, but I don’t think you should brag about costing the company money.  Just saying.).  And the way she, a person I’ve met briefly maybe three times, insisted on showing me a tattoo on her collarbone, and about ten photos of her before, during, and after weight-loss journey via surgery.  There’s also her complete disrespect for my boss.  Yes, he’s leaving, but he’s not gone, so don’t disrespect him by going over his head to go over things with his staff, ignoring his presence, and ordering new office furniture for the office he still occupies.

I don’t like disrespectful people.  I don’t like dishonest people.  And I also don’t like incompetent people who think they know what’s best, without at least looking into why things are done a certain way.  This equals “throwing your weight around.”  That’s two definite strikes, and one more possibly pending.

Three means I’m out.


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