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I’m baaaack…..

Did you miss me?  No?  That’s cool. You’ve been busy, I’m sure, what with the holiday craziness and making New Years’ Resolutions you know you won’t keep.  Okay, maybe you’ll keep them.  I don’t know you that well (and why is that? Because you never comment! How am I supposed to get to know you if you don’t talk to me?) 🙂  I don’t make resolutions anymore.  Life can be so…unexpected. I’m just grateful to be here. But I do have some…things I intend to focus on this year: (in no particular order at all)

1) My health (Yep, I do need to lose weight.  My doc has officially gotten on my case about it, even though I’m 12 pounds or so lighter than I was last year.  So.  Working on that.)

2) My strength.  (I’ve got that Rim to Rim hike coming up in May.  I need to work on my strength and endurance for that.  And hopefully, another half marathon in December.)

3)  My attitude.  (It sucks.  Enough said.)

4) My writing. (Because I haven’t in months, and my problems with #3 above are probably a bit related).

5)  My education.  (Obviously.)

6)  My spiritual health.  (Because I’ve gotten distracted lately, and…taken a path I shouldn’t have taken.  More on that–sorta–soon.)

7)  My mental health. (Because not taking a break for reading–for pleasure, not school–or anything else fun is not good for me.  Are you listening, self?)

..and that’s about it.  Ha.  ALL?  Are we getting a Time-Turner, a la Hermione, to accomplish all of this?  No.  No we are not. Suck it up.  Ahem.  Enough talking to myself for today.  I’m getting back on a regular schedule here this week, so expect to listen to me blather on soon.  And I should probably update y’all on an unexpected turn my life has taken recently (dum dum DUM)…




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