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to parade or not to parade?

I’d like to say that things are improving around here, but that would be a small white lie. I mean, I did see Steve on Wednesday, and the Wednesday before that, too. But he’s still pretty…withdrawn. He does say he’s starting to feel better, though, which makes me happy. (Not as happy as him being chatty like he used to be would, but an improvement.) Yes, he still has a lot of drama going on in his personal life, but I’m hopeful that some of that may be starting to resolve. (However, that’s mere conjecture on my part, since I don’t always know what’s going on with him. Sigh…)

In other news, the Diva and I are going to New Orleans for a few days On the surface, I know it looks like we’re going for Mardi Gras, but we didn’t actually know Mardi Gras was next week until we’d already planned the trip. A happy coincidence? Sort of. Because I don’t like people, much less huge crowds of drunken people.  However, I will get to see my dad, Bubba, MSFOM, and…My Friend Who Is Ridiculously Hard To Explain.

We’ll be doing a few of the parades, eating some fantastic food, hanging with the fam, and I’ll be getting the Diva to do some…okay, “spying” is the only word I can think of…One of these days I’ll try to explain that.

Here’s to Hurricanes, Hand Grenades, and Daiquiris!


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