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looking to detox

So….what’s been going on? Stuff and things. (Also a bit of TWD-watching. Can you believe that jerk from the utopia and his chickensh*t behavior? Poor Noah!)

I’ve been kind of lazy lately, with exercise and eating healthy (or lack thereof), but I’m gearing up. The Grand Canyon hike is in about two months (not to mention my 20-year reunion), and I’d like to get in shape for the hike. Plus, I’ve been feeling a bit blah lately, and I’d like to get over that. Super Mom and I have hiked the last two weekends. We’ve decided to add 2 miles a week, so this weekend, that means 9 miles. If I can stop getting this stupid blister sort of thingy on the bottom of my left foot, anyway. Not as painful as a blister, but sometimes (like the half-marathon) about three inches in diameter. Not conducive to comfortable hiking, I’ll tell you that much.

Anyway, so I’m going to eat vegan for a while, starting this weekend. I did before for a month, and I lost 14 pounds. I’m not going to lie: yes, weight loss is part of my reason. I need to lose about 50 more pounds, and my motivation sucks right now. But I can also use a detox, and I think this is a great way to do that. I’ve done a bit of reading lately, and I’m on-board with the health benefits. I’m actually looking forward to it. Super Mom is going to try it for a week (at least). I’m planning to give it a month. I’d just like a bit more energy and well-being.

Anyone know any good resources for vegan recipes?


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