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the vegan life

So, the vegan “detox” is going pretty well. Except they were out of my favorite hummus–roasted pine nut–and I ended up with sun-dried tomato, which I don’t particularly care for. I sort of fell off the healthy-eating wagon yesterday and had some french fries, but in my defense, I was stressed after work, and what I really wanted was a burger. Which I did not have. So, I’m calling it a win. I have approximately 42 kinds of produce in the fridge, so I’ll probably make a stir fry today, because that sounds pretty awesome.

Any tips for cutting out fake sweeteners? I’m not sure what the best alternative is, but I’d like to switch. I use Splenda for my (one) mug of hot tea in the morning, and my occasional cups of coffee, but I’d love to sub in something more…natural.

I’ve had some processed foods this week, but I’m trying to weed all those out, for the most part. I feel better just 6 days in, and I know it’ll keep improving if I stick to it. Breakfast is proving difficult for me. I work 10 to 14-hour days, so I need something hearty and filling, but my brain refuses to come up with anything creative. Suggestions?

Basically, I need resources for vegan meals/recipes/tips. Help!


7 thoughts on “the vegan life

  1. I don’t know if I could change my diet to being vegan, if anything I think the most I could do is pescatarian.. But I applaud those that can. As for the sweeteners you could always use normal sugar, or even Sugar in the Raw. Recently I checked out a magazine called vegetarian times, but I noticed that quite a few of the recipes in there were also vegan as well. Also amazon normally has a decent amount of vegan cookbooks for free to download for kindle/kindle reader. Sometimes they can be hard to find but I’ve downloaded quite a bit of them as well. That’s the best I can help I’m sorry!

    1. Thanks for the suggestions, Ala. I know a lot of vegans don’t consider sugar to be vegan. Personally, I’m just going for “healthier.” I was pescetarian for five years, and it was great! (especially when I lived in Louisiana, which has fantastic seafood.). I’ll definitely check out Amazon, I never even thought about looking at their cookbooks. And I subscribed to Vegetarian Times years ago, thanks for the reminder.

  2. Okay, sorry to bug you with all of the comments but I think I’ve come up with a solution, Stevia? if you can find a source of natural stevia I think you would be in the clear!

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