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weekend mix-up

You know when you have a plan in your mind of things you want to happen in a weekend, certain things on your to-do list, and it doesn’t quite work out that way?  Yeah. I’m having one of those weekends.  I decided a few weeks ago that Saturday would be my Sabbath:  I normally go to the first Saturday service at my church, and it just seemed right. So my general plan for every week is not to do any homework or house work on Saturday, only church things or things that will relax me, not stress me. I plan my week accordingly.

So, yesterday, I ended up going with my mom to pick up a toddler bed for my nephew, who will be in town in three days!  Since we were going to be in Fort Worth, I decided we should also stop at Central Market for some goodies. I do love that store, but I find the general class of customer to be…rather rude. Or extremely rude, as the case may be. Excuse me, I didn’t realize you owned this aisle, lady. Let me move out of your way, since you are obviously far more important than I am. Ahem. I might have been a touch irritated by the time I got out of the store, but I did get some treats. Our trip also included a trip to Sprouts, which was fun. And did you know that Chipotle serves sofritas as an option, which is seasoned tofu and vegetables? This is the first time I’ve seen it as an option, so of course I had to try it. And it was delicious. I actually didn’t miss the cheese and sour cream I normally have in my burrito bowl, so the visit was a total win.

Today, Super Mom and I were supposed to hike 11 miles (gulp). At 7.5 miles, we stopped back by her house for a bathroom & stretching break, only to find that her hubby had forgotten to tell her he needed to leave to take her daughter to her Olympic Development team practice, so….we didn’t get the rest of our miles in. Considering how my legs already felt, I was not terribly disappointed. Remind me of that lack of disappointment when I finish the 13-miles we plan to do next weekend

On the up side, I picked up some organic turbinado sugar, which effectively ends my debate over what type of sweetener to use for my hot tea in the morning. I also found out that Super Mom’s mother actually grows Stevia, but she doesn’t know how to take it from plant to using it as a sweetener. Any tips for doing that?


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