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food and family (with a side of fitness)

Despite all the stress lately, I have still somehow managed to keep eating vegan. And Bubba is here now, and loves to make fun of my eating patterns. Little brothers, sigh….Normally, stress-eating would already have triggered some sort of binge, but, while I did have french fries for lunch the other day, that’s all I had. (Pretty sure that chocolate bar in the store was calling my name, though.)

Today, I’m working on a bit of menu-planning for the upcoming couple of weeks. I need meals that are simple, healthy, and can be made in advance, since time and energy are both items in short supply with me. I’ll probably go with relatively easy meals. I’m thinking a pasta salad that I made a few weeks ago, because it was yummy, and maybe some calzones, because that just sounds good. I’ll probably pick up some stuff for simple wraps, too, because those are always easy. And easy is good( when it comes to menu-planning).

In other news, my nephew is in town, and he is so freaking cute! You gotta love it when a 2-year-old throws their arms around your legs and gives you a big hug. While giggling.

On the agenda:  13-mile-hike with Super Mom on Saturday. Wish us luck!


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