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two things…well, really three

Two things:

1) I ate non-vegan last night for the first time in two weeks and I can tell such a difference in how I feel. Yesterday was my mom’s birthday, and Bubba took us all out to dinner to celebrate. Eating vegan would have been practically impossible at the home-cooking-style restaurant he chose, so I decided not to worry about it. The food was good, but by the time I got home, my stomach was already complaining. It’s kind of funny to me what a noticeable difference there was. Also, have you ever been to a restaurant with a 2-year-old? “Fun” does not adequately describe it. My nephew loves dipping his food into any and all sauces, which is great. Except then he just eats the sauce off, not the actual food. Things got a little messy.

2) I just finished a 13-mile hike with Super Mom about an hour ago. O.M.G. So. Wow. My feet hurt. My legs are still…undecided, but I’m pretty sure they’ll be joining my feet. The hills we climbed weren’t even big ones, but they felt like Mt. Kilimanjaro. Seriously. That was the longest 13 miles ever.

Of course, now that it’s over, I feel really good about it. During it, however, it was more like We’ve only been FOUR miles? Are you kidding me? My right hamstring hurts. So does my left foot. I need a drink, but I’m afraid I’ll have to pee. What a pretty dog…WITH NO FENCE!

Yeah. That’s pretty much how it went.


Happy Easter! He is risen!


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