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knowing better, but doing it anyway

Apparently, I do not learn from my mistakes. I’m a smart person. I should know better than to do things I know are going to end badly. (Ha. Hahahahaha. “Should” being the operative word.) Anyway, Enough about my personal faults. (We don’t have time to get into them.)

So, I went out to eat with my family last night, Bubba, Mom, and the nephew. Since Bubba was buying, we went where he wanted to go. Which was fast food, a taco place. Vegan options are impossible there, so I had nachos. Mistake. It was probably the grease, but my stomach was upset before I ever got home.

When will I learn? I knew it would bother me, but I did it anyway. I knew I’d feel guilty about it today, too.  But I did it anyway. Is this self-sabotage? Quite possibly. Eating unhealthy foods isn’t going to get me to my goals, and I know that, but it didn’t stop me. Ugh! I’m so mad at myself. I don’t think I’ll eat exclusively vegan forever, but eating clean, with minimal meat and processed foods is doable, and even desirable.

If I can get my head on straight.

Any tips on that?


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