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planning my week (a necessity for my sanity right now)

I’ve gotten a little off-track this week with food and exercise (where “off-track” means either I haven’t done it at all–exercise–or I’ve been severely slacking for the past two days–food). So I need to get it together today, and get my week planned out, as far as food and exercise goes.

I try to plan out my week every week, but I need to get specific details down on paper for this week. I’ve got some other stuff going on, relationship-wise, that are making me distracted, so I need to be focused or I will lose track of everything else in my life. And, at only 6 weeks until the R2R trip–EEK–that doesn’t need to happen.

So.  This week, I’m planning on cardio and strength on Tuesday and Thursday, plus a 15-mile hike on Saturday (I hope). I’ll probably need to just recover on Sunday, after that exertion. Food-wise, today I’m making vegan calzones for the week (and to freeze). I’ve never made them before, so I’ll let you know how they turn out. I’ve got a bit of extra time today, so I can spend some time in the kitchen on a new recipe.

Hopefully, my mood will be better later this week.


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