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Changes. That’s what’s been on my mind lately.  Summer is almost over, so my life is about to change from “Eh. I don’t feel like doing anything productive today” to “I HAVE to get this done today”. School = deadlines and homework.  Summer = not so much. I only have two full semesters and one half-semester left (my school does online classes in sessions–two 8-week sessions per long semester, and I have two required classes that are only available one session every two years.) to get my Bachelor’s degree. I’m seriously considering getting my Master’s in Journalism right after that. I can do it entirely online through my current school (Regent University), and  I think it would offer up a lot of opportunities for me, so I’m thinking hard about it.

I’m about to change jobs.  I’ve been told I have the new position at the new company, I just don’t have an official start date, nor have I put in my notice at my current job. That will be a significant change, since I’ve been at my current job for about 4 1/2 years. Same work, new company, new clinic. I’ll really miss my patients, but I think some of them will probably transfer when they find out I’m leaving.  (I haven’t asked them to, but they know the level of care they get from me, and they trust me, so a lot of them will ask me where I’m going.) It’s a brand-new clinic that isn’t open yet, so there will be a definite adjustment there.

My personal life is going through some changes as well, but I don’t have them sorted enough to be coherent about them yet.  So, yeah, changes.


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