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the struggle is real

What struggle, you ask?  (Or at least I imagine you asking…) Life, frankly.

First, the good news:  I got a new job!  In the same field, with some added responsibilities, at a brand new (not open yet) clinic with a new company.  I’ve worked with the nurse before, and she’s cool. I like my manager (and his manager seems pretty cool, too). It’s a bit more money, different days, and seems like it will be a lot less stressful. I’m looking forward to the change, but I’ll miss my current boss, and my patients (although dialysis is a small world, so it wouldn’t surprise me to see some of them in the future).  I start the 19th:  2 weeks of orientation in Dallas, training in Fort Worth, then to my home clinic. So…excited, but a little bit scared (I’ve been in my current spot 4 1/2 years.)

School starts again in a couple of weeks.  I have 2 full semesters and one half-semester to get my B.A. Then I’ve pretty much decided to go for my Master’s in Journalism.  Words have power.  I want to use them (For good, of course.)

The temperature around here lately is 100-105 degrees.  Every day.  The actual temperature, not the heat index. Ugh.  So getting outside and working out is….not happening.  I have been doing some yoga inside, though.

Writing/editing:  getting back into the swing of things with that.  It’s hard, re-learning old habits.  But so worth it!

So, yeah.  A lot of changes around here.  Here’s hoping they’re good ones.


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