faith · work · worrying · wrong


Do you ever just want to shake your fist at the sky and scream?  (At the sky.  Not at God.)  That’s really what I feel like doing right now.  So much.  I thought that finding a new job would mean less drama at work.  (Not likely, I know.)  But no. I can’t even leave my current job (I swear I just typed “drama” instead of “job.”) peacefully.  No.  My company has to make ridiculous, unfounded accusations of things that are completely beyond my control (OR MY CHARACTER).  Accusations that could, potentially, result in legal action, if they choose.  Why can’t they just accept that me leaving is not related to other, admittedly simultaneous occurrences?  And why does it have to be me to blame?  Couldn’t it be someone with exponentially more power, influence, and money than me, who has none?  Seriously.

Prayers needed.  Please.


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