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a little update

Starting a new job is stressful, even if it’s in a field you’re familiar with. New procedures, new people, new location. Stressful. Last week, the clinic I was training at, the people were really nice…but there was a lot going on, and we ended up ordering out on Friday. I managed to sorta-kinda stick with my eating plan for most of the week, but Friday…not so much. Then I was exhausted/had house issues to take care of this weekend, so working out didn’t happen. Today I did go for a 2-mile walk before diving into homework (and a brief nap), so it’s better. I actually managed to lose 1.5 pounds, somehow. I really don’t know how.

The next three weeks will be questionable, as far as working out is concerned. I’m working 5 days this week, and 6 the next two weeks. I’m going to try, but realistically, it may be beyond me, between that, school, and a commute. Plus being at work at 4:30 a.m. 3 days a week, at a clinic almost an hour away. I think sleep will be at a premium.

Has anyone tried the Pasta Zero “noodles”? I tried them (different brand) years ago, but I just had spaghetti made with this brand. Not too bad. Not like “real” pasta, but not horrible. On the plus side, I’ve managed to track everything I’ve consumed today.


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