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a side of disaster

So, last week was pretty crazy at the new job. In case you don’t know, healthcare in America is regulated by many different organizations/entities. Things are supposed to be done a certain way, and if they’re not…anything from fines to being shut down can result. On the patient side of things, doing things the wrong way can result in many consequences, including death. So you could say that doing things the right way is pretty freaking important. My clinic opened on Tuesday, Everything was great there. Tuesday, I was at another clinic, training, and two people leaving the building on break resulted in a bit of a problem (since staffing ratios meant they shouldn’t have left at all). I was sent to a different clinic on Friday, one that made me feel like I’d been in a drive-by shooting. Just a tip:  if you’re supposed to be training someone, it’s probably a good idea to 1) stay near them so you can actually, you know, train. And 2) Do things the right way, because they need to be trained correctly, and also, they might know enough to realize you’re doing the wrong thing. I’m just saying…Good times.


In other, less stressful news…okay, not news, but happenings…I did a quick 2-mile walk this morning, then bought healthy (and quick) salad fixings for the rest of the week. Last week, the new company provided lunch three out of four days. This week, I’m gonna try to be a bit healthier, and more active. With hopefully fewer disasters.


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