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a body only slightly in motion

You know how you get so fed up with something and decide to make all these sweeping changes, so you make a really detailed and ambitious plan, and then, two days later (if you’re lucky), you lose all motivation and give up?  Please tell me that’s not just me…

Anyway, on Sundays I plan out the next week, making slots for all the things I hope to get accomplished. I’m usually overly optimistic when it comes to this, choosing to “forget” my overwhelming tiredness after even a few hours of work, or a general sort of laziness. So, my workout schedule for the week looked like this:

Monday:  hit the trails to walk at least 2 miles.

Tuesday:  strength training before work.

Wednesday:  nothing.

Thursday:  strength training before work.

Friday:  nothing

Saturday:  strength training before work.

Sunday:  try to get in some cardio.

Um, what actually happened on Monday and Tuesday exercise-wise was…nothing. At all. To be fair, I took my car in for an estimate Monday morning, and they ended up fixing something (supposedly), so it ate my time. But really, no excuses.

However, despite nothing being on the schedule today…I did make up that walk and the strength training session I missed, so I’m feeling really happy with myself.

I’m also exhausted now, from that and homework, so I need a power nap before working for like an hour this afternoon…


2 thoughts on “a body only slightly in motion

    1. Hi, Madeline. I TRY to work out in the morning, the problem is that I usually wake up way before light, then I either have to be at work super early (like before 7 a.m.) or I get distracted with other stuff and forget. Thanks for the tips. I especially like # 1 & #4! What sort of meditation do you do?

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