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tgif…I mean, I still have to work tomorrow, though

I’m really glad it’s Friday.I still have to work tomorrow, but still. Weekend. Actually, my weekend consists of…Sunday this week. That’s really depressing, when I think of it like that. Sigh…

Finals are next week for my first session of classes this week. I’m looking forward to fall break. I had a bit of a scare this week. Found out one of the required classes for my degree is no longer offered at my school (found out BY ACCIDENT). Fortunately, I have a great academic advisor, and she suggested an academic petition to replace that class with a communications class. That was approved yesterday, so panic attack averted!

I managed to do my strength training this morning. Healthy eating…well, I’m not doing the greatest this week, but not the worst, either.

In other news…I’m ridiculously tired, so I think I’ll get off the computer, take a shower, and relax for a few hours. Maybe catch up on some of the new fall shows I’m already behind in. I’m only up-to-date on Fear the Walking Dead and Big Bang Theory. Oh my goodness! Did you watch the season finale of Fear the Walking Dead? The ending was so sad!

The Walking Dead starts this weekend!


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