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so how’s that healthy-eating thing going?

Um…that is entirely hit or miss. I’ll do good for a meal or two, a day or so, then I jump off the wagon and have something completely not healthy. Sigh…I know it’s a learning process, a work-in-progress, but I get really frustrated with myself. I know stress is one of my triggers, and I’ve been under a bit of stress lately, but that still doesn’t excuse it. I swear, it’s self-sabotage.

Anyone have any suggestions for overcoming that little problem?

I’m serious. I know that if I just eat mostly healthy, avoid crappy fast food that isn’t really all that good anyway, and get in some moderate exercise, I’ll be healthier, lose weight (also for my health), and feel better. Yet I keep eating stuff that will have the opposite result. Like that makes sense at all. It doesn’t. I checked. Several times.

So I could really use some tips on overcoming this obstacle. In this, I swear I’m my own worst enemy.


However…I did get in a 2-mile walk this morning before work (at a 16-minute-per-mile pace, no less!)


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