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tightrope walking

This week, I’ve managed to more or less keep up with my workout “schedule”. I got in some cardio on Monday before work, in the form of a16-mile-per-minute walk for two miles. Did my strength training on Tuesday and Thursday. Nothing on Wednesday, because I had to be at work pretty early, with an hour commute thrown in, but I did walk 2.67 miles at work, so that counts for something.

Today, my only day off, I took a break.With too much stuff to get done, something had to give, and I chose to let working out go, rather than stress about it. Let’s not talk about the candy that took its place. Sigh…

Consistency is key to this whole being-healthy journey, but not stressing about it is pretty dang important, too. I don’t need any extra stress in my life, since that could trigger another TIA or vision problems, and that is certainly not something I want. So, I may be walking a tightrope, but I can’t stress about it.

If only it were that easy.


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