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central market haul

You know how, if you go into a grocery store that you don’t go to all the time, they have stuff that you just have to have? Yeah, so, I went to Central Market yesterday. Had no intentions of going, but Baby Brother and my mom went with me to hear Max Lucado preach at my church (Wow.), then Baby Brother suggested we hit up Central Market. We didn’t know it was Cheddar Fest (or something like that), and we both love cheese. I knew I was doomed when we drove up and saw the sign.

Here’s some of the goodies I picked up.

  1. Dolmas. Because I love them. And I always get them here.
  2. Sriracha guacamole. Hello? Who knew this was even a thing?
  3. Pretzel buns. Because suddenly I’m excited about breakfast.
  4. Zestari applies. Never had one, but the description sounded amazing.
  5. Mini bacon cheddar scones. Come on, you know you’d have bought them, too.
  6. Wackym’s Kitchen Hatch Chesse Nibbles. I don’t even know what to say about these. They look like tiny cookies, but savory, and with a bite.
  7. Multi-grain and wheat tortillas. These are a must-buy anytime I go to Central market.
  8. Mini loaves of 10-grain and roasted garlic cheese bread. I’m seeing a theme here. Carbs, anyone?
  9. Pico de gallo. Because I always get it when I’m here. It has a great flavor.
  10. Wyke Farms Ivy’s Vintage Reserve Cheddar cheese. Because when a British man is handing out samples of delicious cheese, you must buy it. Seriously. The guy was from the farm.

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