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(I do not own this image.)
(I do not own this image.)

Seriously. This picture fits me so well right now. It’s a fuzzy-pajamas-and-reading kind of evening. Too bad it’s not reading I want to do.

My new classes start Monday. Normally (like, every semester for the past two years), my professors have the syllabus up about a week before class starts, and I try to get started on the first week’s reading. Being proactive, you know? Usually the first assignments are due pretty early in the week, so it helps if the reading is done. Then, I start the reading for week two while week one is still in progress. This is a good system.

But one of my professors didn’t have the syllabus up this time. I emailed the help desk, they said the professor hadn’t made the class available yet, but they’d notify the department. So the class was opened yesterday, with a note from the department head saying our prof would be a few days late joining the class due to an emergency. Cool. Then I looked at the syllabus. 150 pages of reading for the first week. 225 for the second. I refused to look any further ahead.

I realize this is a senior-level course, but really? If I wasn’t working and this was the only class I was taking, this amount of reading would be acceptable. Neither of those things are true. People…why do they think they are the only important thing in your whole entire life?


I’m off to go do some I’m-sure-boring-beyond-belief reading…


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