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week in review: all work, no play

But seriously, I worked six days last week. Baby Brother says it doesn’t really count, since I only worked 40 hours, but I say it totally counts. I had the exhaustion to prove it. Thank goodness it was fall break for school, or I’d have been a goner.

I don’t have any awesome pictures (or any pictures at all). I’ll work on that. Promise.


  1. I worked 6 days at the new job.
  2. Got in a couple of good writing sessions.
  3. Wrote 7 blog posts, including 2 book reviews (3 posts here, 4 on my writing blog).
  4. Bought almost-last-minute tickets to see the Newsboys and IMAX 3D tickets for Star Wars opening weekend (how sad is it that someone had to remind me to do this because I totally forgot?)
  5. Introduced my new boss to the joy that is local eatery Hutch’s Pie shop.
  6. Got in a couple of workouts.
  7. Also got in a few satisfying naps.  I should probably do more of #6 and less of #7, sigh…
  8. Enjoyed the somewhat torrential rains that pounded North Central Texas because cooler weather y’all.
  9. Ate whatever randomness came my way. Double sigh…
  10. Started this week with a much better eating plan (just having one makes it “much better”). Also currently cooking Southern-style baby lima beans and baked pork chops.  Because I didn’t feel like going to the store, so I foraged in the freezer.  Also perhaps a chocolate fried pie remains for desert. Eating plan? What eating plan?

Linking up with Meghan over at Clean Eats, Fast Feets just for fun.


2 thoughts on “week in review: all work, no play

  1. Dude! You wrote seven blog posts on top of working forty hours. I am super impressed. I bow before you.

    Sometimes I totally pick naps over work outs too (cough, this afternoon, cough).

    Happy Monday and thanks for linking up.

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