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tooting my own horn

Okay, so I know I shouldn’t really be bragging, because I haven’t actually accomplished that much so far this week, but it’s Wednesday, and I’ve actually done all the workouts I had planned for the week!  Super Mom and I were supposed to start working out at 5 a.m. every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but Monday she was out of town for work, and today….well, I never got an answer from her yesterday, so I suppose she’s busy. But I got in my cardio both Monday and today, on my own. Plus strength training yesterday. So, yay! Actually hitting my goals makes me feel great.

And I’m actually getting everything done on my (exhaustive) to-do list, too.

School:  keeping up with the reading for next week’s assignments, plus getting this week’s assignments done as well, and even thinking about the rest of the assignments for this session (Pre-planning,  That’s what we’re calling it.)

Writing:  two writing sessions in on the WIP, two revision sessions in on that story, plus some brainstorming on two new stories while I move stuff to Google Docs (WHY haven’t I been using this before?).

Then the random but time-consuming things, like cleaning and doing some research on a planned personal project. It’s been a productive week so far.


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