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fitness: the struggle is real

While I’d like to say that I’ve hit all my workouts for the week and am totally rocking them, that would be a lie. I did get up early (like 4:30 a.m. early, y’all) on Monday and meet my best friend at the track, where we walked 2.5 miles while chatting (we haven’t seen each other in a while). Tuesday (and today, let’s be honest) I skipped my strength training because I needed those precious few minutes for homework instead. Yesterday I ended up working, so I had to cancel morning cardio. (And leftover exhaustion pretty much excludes an afternoon or evening workout since the stroke.). I do intend to get that cardio in tomorrow morning (Yep, I’m getting up super early on my day off.), so there’s that.

Fitness:  the struggle is real. I can’t be the only one who experiences this.


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