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week in review:

Linking up with Meg over at Clean Eats, Fast Feets.

I think the main accomplishment for the past week has been staying relatively warm and, more importantly, DRY! The last numbers I heard, yesterday, had us at 8 inches of rain since Wednesday. AND the temps dropped from mid-60s on Wednesday to highs in the 30s. Blech.

Let’s see, worked four days, including Thanksgiving. Successfully did not eat a horrific amount on Turkey Day.

Finished writing one paper and started another.

Exactly one workout. (It was raining. And cold!)

Did a tiny bit of Black Friday shopping, online.

Read a couple of books.

Managed to go grocery shopping the day before Thanksgiving (I went super early), and got probably 75% organic, most of which were on sale. Score!

Got a new hard drive, which I’m still trying to get set up like I want. I need picture editing software. Suggestions?


2 thoughts on “week in review:

  1. I use PicMonkey for editing all my photos. It’s a free online program, and it’s really user friendly too.

    I love you were able to read a couple of books last week. That would certainly be part of an ideal week for me.

    Hope things dry out soon. Happy Monday and thanks for linking up.

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