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domestic godess (NOT)

So, here I am, being all domestic and stuff. Just got the basic dough mixed up for some whole wheat bread, and I’m waiting for it to do its thing. Who am I and why am I baking bread? Oh yes. I remember. The Six H’s. I think this one falls under Health, Healing, and Happiness. And I don’t know about you, but I can always use a little bit more happiness in my life. (Some days, it feels like I have none, so anything is an improvement.)

Thankfully, only two more weeks left in the semester, then I have a few weeks of freedom, to accomplish some other things. Like cleaning the closet out and donating stuff to Goodwill. Planning a short stay in Atlanta with the Diva. Reading some of the plethora of magazines that have been languishing around for years (I wish I were joking, but I’ve had a subscription to Nat Geo for years, and haven’t had time to read a single issue for a LOOOOONG time. I can’t bear to throw them away, because I’ll always associate them with my grandpa.)

Planning some writing sessions, some editing sessions, and some plain old relaxing. Oh, and let’s not forget a trip to the movies to see Star Wars, because duh. Yes, I’m a fan. I pretty much have to be, since I was born on the day the original movie was released. (See? Fate.)

I’m also going to get myself together workout-wise and get my butt in gear again. This laziness is ridiculous. Now, if anyone knows where I can find some motivation…


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