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some days are good, some days are better

You know those days that seem like they’re going okay/good, then something horrible and unexpected happens and it throws you off your game totally? Yeah. Had one of those yesterday.

First of all, Super Mom and I worked out Monday morning at 5 a.m. Just walking and chatting in the cold and the dark (We were at the local high school track, so there was some ambient light, just not a lot.) We walked 2.37 miles at a 17:13 pace. Not super-fast, but neither of us have really been doing anything for a while. Laziness is like inertia: hard to overcome. I came home, fixed breakfast, did school stuff, writing stuff, and house stuff for a while before I had to go in to work to finish up stuff for payroll (I apparently use “stuff” way too much!). I remembered my plan to log my blood pressure daily until my doctor’s appointment in 3 weeks. It’s normally fine, but I was 176/100. Way too high.

I went to work, came home, and checked it again. It was 146/100. Still not great, so I decided to just lay down and relax/nap for a few hours, which I did. Then it was about 140/80, so I decided to do some computer stuff. It was high again that night, so I went to bed early.

Yesterday morning, it was 125/85, which is WAY more normal for me (It was 120/82 last Friday after waiting an hour in the doctor’s waiting room.). I’m keeping an eye on it, but obviously, exercising, eating better, and losing weight is going to have to be a priority. Instead of laziness, which I’m way better at. Today, we logged 3 miles at a 16:15 pace, plus I did a leg workout yesterday, so I’m on it.

Back to my original topic: Baby Brother has a best friend that has been around since high school, so over 10 years. I consider him my “other brother.” I remember him being in the E.R. when I had the stroke. Yesterday afternoon, I got a text from my brother saying his friend had been in a wreck and had to be cut out of the truck, he had a detached retina and a head injury, and he didn’t really know how bad it was. I called the Diva, and we headed for the hospital, having no idea how he was doing or what was going on. When we got there, the doctor was in the room, so we waited in the hallway, but I could see my other brother sitting up and talking, so I relaxed a bit. He had a joke when I walked in, so I realized he was more or less okay.

It turns out his blood sugar had bottomed out (he’s a Type 1 diabetic). He has no memory of the last 15 miles or so that he drove, but a witness says he was probably doing about 100 mph when he passed him. Some bruises, stitches, the detached retina, blood sugar issues, and his blood pressure was still pretty high 10 hours after the accident and after being given meds twice, but he is relatively okay.

God is good.


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