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So, I’m pleased to report that I made it through this semester and finals week. (Yeah, it’s not really over, but I am done with everything for the semester.) Still waiting on grades, but I’m thrilled to have a few weeks off.

I’ve been hitting my workouts for the past few weeks:  Super Mom and I got in four cardio sessions last week (including one almost-six-mile walk), and I did two strength sessions as well. This week, we’ve done two cardio sessions, including the one early Monday morning that was still graced with a plethora of falling stars courtesy of the meteor shower. Did leg day yesterday. Tomorrow it’s arms, work, and….a massage and a facial. I can’t wait!

Merry Christmas to me!  I’m hoping to get that tension I’m carrying in my shoulders/neck worked totally out. That would be amazing! Plus, I have an appointment to look at an apartment on Friday. I’m not moving until probably April, but I’m trying to get stuff sorted as early as possible.

On that note, time to go clean the computer room:  the first item on my “vacation to-do list.”


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