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So…working out. Or, more appropriately, not working out. This is one reason:

Snow Day
My view on Monday morning.

Super Mom and I normally meet at the track at 5 a.m. om Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Since she’s off this week, we decided to make it later in the day for Monday. Or not at all… I realize that four inches isn’t all that much (that’s what she said), but I live in North Central Texas. We don’t normally get much snow at all, if any. And it was 80 freaking degrees on Saturday, and rained all day Sunday. Where did this come from? And why on earth did it actually stick? Obviously, no workout on Monday.

No workout today, either, since Super Mom had an extra kid at the house for the planned trip to the zoo today. (The snow is totally gone, btw.) I did see my doc this morning. He emphasized the importance of exercise, which is, I think his “subtle” way of reminding me I need to lose weight. Yes, I know. I promise. He’s also going to schedule me for an ultrasound as a baseline, after I told him about my dad’s carotid blockage, considering my own medical history (major stroke June of 2013). I love medical tests.

Speaking of my dad…

Dad and Noah
My dad and my nephew on Christmas Day, watching Sponge Bob.

He is out of the hospital and feeling much better, with only a slight headache this morning. I’m so thankful he seems to be okay, but I do wish they had figured out what was going on.

So, yeah, that’s what’s going on for me. Workouts as planned on Friday and possibly on Sunday. Healthy eating. Resting. Busyness. The usual.


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