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week in review? nah. resolutions.

So, I haven’t made any New Year’s Resolutions in like 3 years. Initially, because my depression was bad at New Year’s (although  I have successfully kept my unspoken vow to NEVER contact the ex–and cause of the depression–ever again), then, when I was just over that, I had the stroke and life was pretty overwhelming for…well, still. Anyway.

But I knew Meghan was going to be talking about resolutions today, so I decided to make some actual resolutions, and in the interest of accountability, here they are. I actually made 8 different resolutions in 3 different areas (because I like to over-commit), so if you want to read my  writing resolutions, check them out here.

Here are my life resolutions:

  1. Finish my B.A. in English with all A’s. (Because I’m a little OCD about my grades).
  2. Get to a healthy weight. (Because I need to so I’ll feel better. And so my doc will stop yelling at me…)
  3. Run a half-marathon. (as opposed to walking 9/10ths of it like last time.)
  4. Continue to simplify. (Everything.)
  5. Do 100 consecutive push-ups. (I have no idea why.)
  6. Pay off 5 small hospital bills.
  7. Pay off one credit card.
  8. Pay off the new computer.

(I should probably make an unofficial goal to add more pictures to my posts.)

Here are my reading resolutions:

  1.  Read Gone with the Wind (for approximately the 25th time because it’s my favorite book ever. Frankly, my dear…)
  2. Read one book per month from my TBR pile. (Because some of them have been on the pile for years.)
  3. Read all books on the American Women Writers class list (8 of them, 3 of which I’ve previously read).
  4. Read one classic per month. (Because I love them.)
  5. Read one book of poetry. (Because I should.)
  6. Read two books per month to review. (Because I need to.)
  7. Read one inspirational book per month. (Because I need this.)
  8. Read 75 books total for the year. (Because I’m a quick reader, AND I love to read. And this is about 30 books less than I read in 2015).
  9. Linking up with Meghan over at Clean Eats, Fast Feets for this posts. Thank you for the inspiration, Meghan!



2 thoughts on “week in review? nah. resolutions.

  1. I love that you have a whole separate reading list. I need to do one of those. Instead I just let them pile up on my night side table, the shelf in the dining room, the book case in the manchuary, the shelf in the kitchen….well you get the idea.

    Simplifying is everything.

    Happy Monday; I’m glad you linked up.

    1. Considering that some of those books have been in my TBR pile for 5 years or so, I needed a definite plan. I’ve consolidated my physical TBR piles in favor of a plethora of options on my Kindle. Which is only slightly less intimidating…

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